New Puppy or Kitten

Congratulations on your new family member. You’ll want to know that your new puppy or kitten is off to the best start in life. Get expert advice on everything from feeding to training and a health program that ensures your pet has all the advantages veterinary science can bring. We’ll start with a general check-up and answer all your questions on pet care. After all, even experienced pet owners don’t get a new kitten or puppy every day!

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Puppy Preschool

Puppies can learn good habits easily – but they can also learn bad ones if left to themselves. Run by Libby Young of the sound hound, she helps you through the essential basic training all pups need to be good companions. It’s an investment, not only in your comfort, but also your puppy’s safety. Pet socialization, house training, basic obedience and the right type of exercise for a growing dog all form part of the program. It’s also a great way to bond with your new pet.


You want to ensure that your dog never lives up to the saying “as sick as a dog”. Vaccinations cover all the most common and deadliest dog diseases including parvo virus, distemper, hepatitis, and kennel cough. This ensures you have the confidence of knowing you’ve done the best you can to keep your fur-friend in glowing health. Get advice on the vaccination programs NSW pet owners should implement, and keep your pet healthier for longer.


Spaying and neutering are essential components in a long and healthy life for your pets. These and other surgeries are stressful for pet owners and their pets alike. We handle the process quickly, smoothly and with minimal discomfort for your pet. With our team, your pet is in good hands, and we’ll give you all the aftercare advice you need to ensure a rapid recovery after surgery.


The days when vets had to make a diagnosis from educated guesswork are gone. With sophisticated radiology equipment, we can ensure accurate diagnosis and timely action when your pet’s health is compromised. In addition, we are introducing dental radiology to ensure that we’re able to identify lurking dental problems before they require drastic measures to address hidden issues.


Being away from home is a great worry for pet owners. How can you be sure that your cattery is providing the best environment for your cat? Will she get enough exercise and the right diet? Cats that are left alone at home may decide to “move house” when their pet parents are away. Now you can entrust your cat to animal health professionals that will ensure all its needs are met while you’re away.

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Even the most home-loving pet sometimes escapes on an adventure or is startled and flees. When pets go missing, pet owners are devastated. But microchipping could help you to find your lost pest much sooner. Although microchipping is a legal obligation for pet owners, it also means that if your pet turns up at a shelter, it can be identified. The microchip is tiny, and you and your pet won’t even notice it’s there. Microchips are recommended for cats, dogs and rabbits.

Dietary Advice

Cats and dogs need different diets depending on breed, lifestyle and life-stage. Diet forms the basis of good health, but with so much conflicting advice out there, knowing what’s best for your pet can be difficult. Talk to your veterinarian to find out which foods will suit your pets’ dietary requirements. Keep your pet sleek, trim and fit with the help of the right diet.

Surgery and Veterinary Specialists

When it comes to a big event like surgery, North Shore has a specialist centre to ensure you have access to the best facilities and experienced staff. We understand this can also be a stressful time for owners, and we can assure you we are Sydney’s premier animal specialist centre, even having an in house pathology unit for fast results and treatment.Our priority is to ensure your pet gets the best outcome possible.


As your pet gets older we offer rehabilitation and chronic pain management. We look to promote healing, return to normal function, and full recovery where possible. Long term chronic conditions can also be relieved increasing a pet’s quality of life. There are many ways we can achieve this. If your pet is suffering book an appointment and we can help your friend get some bounce back.


Just as we sometimes have to go for tests to help doctors with a correct diagnosis, our pets also sometimes need advanced pathology services. Our full pathology service ensures you don’t have to visit numerous specialists to get these tests done or have to wait for ages until results are available. We provide rapid, accurate analysis of samples, ensuring your pet gets the right treatment as quickly as possible.


Pets have many of the same dental problems that we do, and they’re just as uncomfortable. What’s worse, they can cause everything from bad breath to abscesses and illnesses when left untreated. Even if you brush your pet’s teeth regularly, it should have regular dental check-ups and expert care when dental health issues are identified. Our veterinarians have all the equipment and experience needed to take care of your pet’s oral health needs.


Sometimes, getting your pet to the vet is even more traumatic than the health issue you’re hoping to address. Our mobile clinic offers a wide range of basic treatments, allowing your pet to receive veterinary attention in its own home territory. However, it would be impossible to outfit a veterinarian on the move with all the equipment we have at our surgery, so emergencies are best dealt with at our premises. Use our pickup and delivery service to get them there when you need help.


Keeping your dog’s coat in good condition is part of your care routine as a pet owner. But some coats, especially those with silky hair that tangles or matts easily need professional attention. We highly recommend Candice Seckold of Bloomingtails. Your pet’s grooming days are sure to become a positive and exciting outing thanks to her gentle methods and professional way with animals. You can arrange your pet grooming service by calling Candice on 0420 371 855.